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3 mobile apps I can’t live without

Mobile apps have become a day to day habit and using them is not only a fad, it’s actually a necessity for many of us. With that in mind, I have created a list with some of the apps I can’t go without


This is the ultimate app for everyone that wants to travel to a new country and access a great set of accommodation options. The best part about it is that you save quite a lot of money by not going to a hotel and this can help you have a much better budget for your trip. You are free to customize the experience as you see fit in order to find the best accommodation options, so just give Airbnb a shot and you will definitely appreciate the great results that it can offer.

Visit Airbnb



A picture is worth more than 1000 words and that’s exactly what you get here, the ability to share info and your day to day happenings with friends and family. The app is very easy to use and filled with nice features, which makes using it a complete delight!

Visit Instagram

BBC News

bbc news app
We live in the informational age so we have to be informed about everything around us.  BBC News is a very good app that allows you to find info and news from around, all written by professionals with a lot of experience in the industry. If you really want to stay up to date with world events, then this is the app to do it for sure.

Visit BBC news

These are the 3 apps I consider vital for any person and I am definitely using them very often. You should definitely give them a shot if you never used these before, they are one of a kind and well worth checking out!

How to make your own app with no development skills

The mobile world is filled with opportunities and as a developer you can definitely make a name for yourself and earn good profits. Yet the reality is that nowadays you can easily create a mobile app without any programming knowledge or development skills at all, that’s why WYSIWYG tools that create mobile apps are becoming very popular. Here are some of the best tools I found while researching the market.



AppMakr does a great job in offering a simple, yet refined way to create your mobile apps. It basically features a drag and drop approach that works seamlessly for Android, iPhone and even HTML5 apps. You can monetize your applications, share them immediately once they are ready and you can also alert users with in-app messages. The platform also helps you share videos inside the apps and you can even add in images in there if you so desire. All of this creates a refined, easy to use platform for those that want to design mobile apps without any previous knowledge.


This app is also very easy to use and it allows you to create mobile tools without a problem. It features multiple categories to choose from, great templates and plenty of customizability. It also helps you access one of a kind features all the time and the entire user experience is refined, so it’s well worth checking out.




Mobincube does a really good job at making the process easy to understand but also suitable for multiplatform development. You create the app using the great tutorial that they offer, customize it as you want and then you can publish it online. There’s indeed no coding required and using the app is a ton of fun.


The app creation system you can find here is precise and to the point and you do have quite a lot of creative freedom towards the entire experience. Combine that with the fact that Appsbar does allow you plenty of creative room then you will surely see why this is a very good app to check out if you are interested in mobile development.

Apps Builder

apps builder
The interface created by this site is very easy and it does allow you to create simple apps without a problem, but it can also help you create some more complex ones as well. It can also be paired with your device so you can test your app on the fly, which is a really neat feature as well.


Buildfire’s way to create apps is not only simple, it’s also very fast. You can create large sites and deliver incredible results with it as well not to mention that the entire process will just take a few minutes. If you really want to retain customers, increase revenue and also offer them some interesting apps created in 3 simple steps, then this is a good option.

In the end, there are plenty of methods that you can use to create your own mobile app and you will definitely be amazed with the results. Remember that all of these amazing apps are designed with ease of use and attention to detail in mind so you should check them out immediately if you want to create your own app!

Top 10 addictive mobile gaming apps

Playing mobile games is more than just a simple way to pass the time. For many of us, this has actually become quite the addiction and it’s surely one of the best way to eat up a few dead minutes or hours during the day. The fact that many games actually allow you to play online offer you an immense, console like experience and some really great mechanics in a stellar, unique outcome. With that in mind, here are some of the best and most addictive mobile gaming apps on the market.

1. MOBA games

This genre has managed to become very popular on mobile after acquiring the attention of millions on PC. What makes them interesting is that you play online with other people and you have the ability to create your own strategies. Combine that with a very good gameplay, one of a kind situations and lots of customization, then you will surely understand why these apps are becoming more and more popular. It’s really nice to play a MOBA game on mobile because the control is great and there are always millions of people to defeat.

Vain Glory

Fast and additive, this real time MOBA is as fun and it is fast. Try and outwhit and outplay real opponents.

2. Trial based games.

These games are basically requiring you to complete specific challenges in order to get to the end of the level. They can be bike riding games, platformers or car games, but the idea here is to either complete an objective or just get the best score under a specific time limit. Either one works and it manages to bring in front some neat results.

Trail Extreme 3

Try and test your skills on hundreds of different tracks and race against friends.

3. Mobile bingo apps

Bingo has been a long standing popular game amongst people of various ages. Originally starting off as a social event in physical bingo halls, this fast paced game has had no trouble transitioning to the mobile arena. You can get bingo apps from all the biggest brands in the market such as Tombola, Foxy and Jackpotjotjoy. These are usually free and then you have to deposit money in order to start playing games. Although some games are free. You can get some excellent sign up deals with most bingo sites. Check out bingo sweets ( for a list of offers and sites that offer the best bingo payouts.

Jackpotjoy Slots

If you love slots then try this out. New games every few weeks so it never gets boring!

4. Puzzle games

These are filled with interesting gameplay and there are dozens of sub-genres such as hidden object games or match three games. Either way, these are giving you amazing results and a very good gameplay all around, so if you want to get the best outcome and experience, you should totally check them out!

Roll the ball

A simple and additive puzzle game. Move the blocks to unblock the pathway.

5. Action RPG

These games place you into the role of a hero which has to level up, complete objectives, kill bosses and so on. It’s one of the best genres due to the uniqueness and customization options that it can deliver.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Join forces with players from around the world to earn skills and increase your level.

6. Virtual pet games

Very popular mostly due to the fact that they allow you to nurture your own pet. You can feed it, play with your pet and engage in a wide range of unique activities. It’s a fun way to have a pet without actually owning one in real life, since it you get accustomed to the idea of owning a pet and having care of it, which is an amazing and truly extraordinary experience on its own.


The cute emotional and adorable cat that you need to nurture and watch grow.

7. Idling games

Similar to virtual pet games because you need to check them often. The premise is very different though, because they require you to accumulate items, perform upgrades and do more damage. Either way, they are an immense joy to play and surely some of the most interesting genres out there.

Idle Town

Manage a town and build an empire of cool shops.

8. The casual games

Just great fun because not only do they provide a good fun for a little while, but they aren’t really intrusive. Sure, they do get addictive but they will not make you pay real money or stuff like that, instead these are more calm and fun when compared to other types.

Roll balls into a hole

Frutrating yet addicitive this classic game will keep you occupied for hours.

9. Strategy games

Such as Clash of Clans for example are slowly becoming the kings of mobile gaming due to the intense replay value, interesting opportunities and unique strategies that you can employ. Most of these have a similar gameplay, but the mechanics and setting tends to differ which is always a nice thing!

Clash of Clans

Build your own army and take them to battle to be victorius!

10. Sport

Very addictive in mobile because not only are these very fun to go through, they also tend to offer some really neat gameplay mechanics. Combine that with the fact that you can simulate your favorite sports in the palm of your hand, then you will definitely enjoy what this genre has to offer!

Football Manager Mobile 2016

Manage your own football club with everything from match day tactics to ticket pricing.

As you can see, there are many mobile gaming app types out there that can cause addiction, and these 10 are definitely the most popular ones right now. We recommend you to give them a shot right now if you want a great game type to spend a little time into, you will not be disappointed with their mechanics and amazing atmosphere, not to mention that you will end up playing hours and hours upon end.

Top 5 Puzzle Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are insanely popular not only because they are very easy to access, but they also tend to offer an amazing experience and a ton of replay value that you will enjoy for sure. The coolest thing about puzzle games is that they are always evolving, but despite the core genre remaining the same there are many different unique approaches to making a puzzle game fun and exciting. Leaving you coming back for me.

Originally created by a british engraver back in the 1700’s, the main idea behind puzzle games is to be creative, and that is especially true on social media and in the mobile world where you can find a whole bunch of competition. If you want to learn more about the most popular types of puzzle mobile apps, read onward and check out these amazing opportunities.

Action puzzle games

These puzzle titles are characterized by the idea that you, the player, are manipulating the game piece or character in real time. You have a time limit most of the time and you can get to a new level when everything is completed. KLAX and Tetris-like games are the perfect example here, but the action packed games with nice gameplay can also be integrated here too, which is definitely something to keep in mind. Remember that the action puzzle games can easily be expanded and at the same time they are some of the most complex genres on the list. Despite that, they still deliver an amazing, crude and fun gameplay that you will appreciate and enjoy for sure thanks to its one of a kind appeal.

Match three games

This is yet another popular mobile puzzle genre and what makes it so popular is the fact that you can play it with ease. The idea is simple, you need to place three or multiple similar items in a row and this will increase your score. The more you place in a row the better the results will be and the score will increase based on that. Obviously games have started to find new, creative ways of integrating this by either adding in a more action oriented approach or they can be more precise by adding in a unique and exciting puzzle element to the table.

Hidden object games

This particular genre requires you to find items from a list that can be found either at the bottom or on the right side off the screen. This is one of the most popular types of casual games out there and the best part about it is that you can add this genre to any theme without a problem. Because of that, there are many hidden object games on Google Play as well as the iOS app store, which definitely shows the popularity and great gameplay that the genre has in this regard. It’s important to note that the genre does borrow from others but it does stand on its own due to the very good graphics, astounding mechanics and fun gameplay. It’s surely one of the best if you want to eat up your time in a creative manner.

Reveal the picture/recreate the picture

This is basically the same genre with a twist. Some games in this particular genre are all about revealing the picture by completing a variety of tasks, while others are more about the idea of using puzzle pieces scattered all over the board in order to recreate the picture. Both of them work really well and they do tend to offer an incredible gameplay with intense, action packed moments and interesting outcome. The great thing about these games is that they usually integrate hundreds of pictures and because of that there’s always new content to peruse, which is a plus for mobile gamers that can get bored very fast.

cut the rope

Physics based puzzles

Games like Angry Birds, World of Good and Cut the Rope are widely known all over the world and they are all physics based games. The idea with this particular game type is that it focuses specifically on results and the game experience is really cool all the time. It’s impressive, filled with fun and definitely manages to harness the power of real life physics in order to make a very interesting, funny way to immerse yourself into this world.

As you can see, there are lots of nice mobile puzzle app types out there, it all comes down to you finding the time to peruse the stores and find the ones that suit your needs. Rest assured that the experience you get from these is simply stunning so you should indeed try these out!

4 Ways to Ease the Transition from iOS to Android

Are you tired of using iOS and are looking forward to switching to an Android phone? Make sure you don’t miss any data while switching ships! Most people who switch from iOS to Android, find it very hard to keep all their pervious data. Transition between these two highly competitive platforms is not as simple as it seems.

However, there are many ways through which you can easily transfer your data from an iOS to an Android system. Let us talk about 4 of the most common ways, which will ease the transition from iOS to Android.


Android devices use your Google accounts to transfer contacts and calendars. Hence, if you want to transfer your contacts and calendars, make sure that your Google account is synced with your iOS device. For this, go to the Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add accounts and add your Gmail account. You can also do this manually through the iTunes app. Just plug in your iOS device, open iTunes and click on Sync Contacts and choose Google Contacts. This will transfer your contacts and calendars to your Android Google Cloud, automatically.

Media Files

Most people need their photos, music and videos when they switch OS platforms. What you can do is get the Google Photos app on your iOS and log in to your Google Account. Find the ‘Backup and Sync’ in the settings option and enable the backup option. Your photos will be saved online and you can access them on your Android device. The equivalent to iTunes, which Android has come up with, is the Google Music Manager. This app can help you transfer your music from an iOS to an Android device. Just install this app on your PC or MAC and in the ‘Upload’ tab, point your Music Manger towards iTunes to transfer all your music to your Android device.

google mail

Emails and Messages

For Emails, you just need a Gmail app and an account to access all your previous emails on the Android app. If you do not have a Gmail account, you have to download another email app which supports your old email address and log in there. For your old text messages, you will have to use a service like Isms2droid. This service will only transfer your text messages from your iOS and not your iMessages.

Use Bookmarks

When you are using Safari on iOS, make sure that you use the ‘Bookmark’ option to save all your favorite websites and platforms. Set your Safari to sync to iCloud in the iOS settings, and open iCloud in computer and click on the bookmarks option and click on sync. You need to have Google Chrome on your PC if you are using that in your Android device. If you are using Firefox in your Android device, download Firefox on your PC.

I’ve only just touched on ways in which you can smooth the transition from iOS to Android. For more great guideance, check out the Andoid website here: With the above mentioned ways, switching from an iOS to an Android device is made relatively easy and efficient. You can easily move all your files to your Android and enjoy the same experience with a different interface!