The mobile world is filled with opportunities and as a developer you can definitely make a name for yourself and earn good profits. Yet the reality is that nowadays you can easily create a mobile app without any programming knowledge or development skills at all, that’s why WYSIWYG tools that create mobile apps are becoming very popular. Here are some of the best tools I found while researching the market.



AppMakr does a great job in offering a simple, yet refined way to create your mobile apps. It basically features a drag and drop approach that works seamlessly for Android, iPhone and even HTML5 apps. You can monetize your applications, share them immediately once they are ready and you can also alert users with in-app messages. The platform also helps you share videos inside the apps and you can even add in images in there if you so desire. All of this creates a refined, easy to use platform for those that want to design mobile apps without any previous knowledge.


This app is also very easy to use and it allows you to create mobile tools without a problem. It features multiple categories to choose from, great templates and plenty of customizability. It also helps you access one of a kind features all the time and the entire user experience is refined, so it’s well worth checking out.




Mobincube does a really good job at making the process easy to understand but also suitable for multiplatform development. You create the app using the great tutorial that they offer, customize it as you want and then you can publish it online. There’s indeed no coding required and using the app is a ton of fun.


The app creation system you can find here is precise and to the point and you do have quite a lot of creative freedom towards the entire experience. Combine that with the fact that Appsbar does allow you plenty of creative room then you will surely see why this is a very good app to check out if you are interested in mobile development.

Apps Builder

apps builder
The interface created by this site is very easy and it does allow you to create simple apps without a problem, but it can also help you create some more complex ones as well. It can also be paired with your device so you can test your app on the fly, which is a really neat feature as well.


Buildfire’s way to create apps is not only simple, it’s also very fast. You can create large sites and deliver incredible results with it as well not to mention that the entire process will just take a few minutes. If you really want to retain customers, increase revenue and also offer them some interesting apps created in 3 simple steps, then this is a good option.

In the end, there are plenty of methods that you can use to create your own mobile app and you will definitely be amazed with the results. Remember that all of these amazing apps are designed with ease of use and attention to detail in mind so you should check them out immediately if you want to create your own app!