Playing mobile games is more than just a simple way to pass the time. For many of us, this has actually become quite the addiction and it’s surely one of the best way to eat up a few dead minutes or hours during the day. The fact that many games actually allow you to play online offer you an immense, console like experience and some really great mechanics in a stellar, unique outcome. With that in mind, here are some of the best and most addictive mobile gaming apps on the market.

1. MOBA games

This genre has managed to become very popular on mobile after acquiring the attention of millions on PC. What makes them interesting is that you play online with other people and you have the ability to create your own strategies. Combine that with a very good gameplay, one of a kind situations and lots of customization, then you will surely understand why these apps are becoming more and more popular. It’s really nice to play a MOBA game on mobile because the control is great and there are always millions of people to defeat.

Vain Glory

Fast and additive, this real time MOBA is as fun and it is fast. Try and outwhit and outplay real opponents.

2. Trial based games.

These games are basically requiring you to complete specific challenges in order to get to the end of the level. They can be bike riding games, platformers or car games, but the idea here is to either complete an objective or just get the best score under a specific time limit. Either one works and it manages to bring in front some neat results.

Trail Extreme 3

Try and test your skills on hundreds of different tracks and race against friends.

3. Mobile bingo apps

Bingo has been a long standing popular game amongst people of various ages. Originally starting off as a social event in physical bingo halls, this fast paced game has had no trouble transitioning to the mobile arena. You can get bingo apps from all the biggest brands in the market such as Tombola, Foxy and Jackpotjotjoy. These are usually free and then you have to deposit money in order to start playing games. Although some games are free. You can get some excellent sign up deals with most bingo sites. Check out bingo sweets ( for a list of offers and sites that offer the best bingo payouts.

Jackpotjoy Slots

If you love slots then try this out. New games every few weeks so it never gets boring!

4. Puzzle games

These are filled with interesting gameplay and there are dozens of sub-genres such as hidden object games or match three games. Either way, these are giving you amazing results and a very good gameplay all around, so if you want to get the best outcome and experience, you should totally check them out!

Roll the ball

A simple and additive puzzle game. Move the blocks to unblock the pathway.

5. Action RPG

These games place you into the role of a hero which has to level up, complete objectives, kill bosses and so on. It’s one of the best genres due to the uniqueness and customization options that it can deliver.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Join forces with players from around the world to earn skills and increase your level.

6. Virtual pet games

Very popular mostly due to the fact that they allow you to nurture your own pet. You can feed it, play with your pet and engage in a wide range of unique activities. It’s a fun way to have a pet without actually owning one in real life, since it you get accustomed to the idea of owning a pet and having care of it, which is an amazing and truly extraordinary experience on its own.


The cute emotional and adorable cat that you need to nurture and watch grow.

7. Idling games

Similar to virtual pet games because you need to check them often. The premise is very different though, because they require you to accumulate items, perform upgrades and do more damage. Either way, they are an immense joy to play and surely some of the most interesting genres out there.

Idle Town

Manage a town and build an empire of cool shops.

8. The casual games

Just great fun because not only do they provide a good fun for a little while, but they aren’t really intrusive. Sure, they do get addictive but they will not make you pay real money or stuff like that, instead these are more calm and fun when compared to other types.

Roll balls into a hole

Frutrating yet addicitive this classic game will keep you occupied for hours.

9. Strategy games

Such as Clash of Clans for example are slowly becoming the kings of mobile gaming due to the intense replay value, interesting opportunities and unique strategies that you can employ. Most of these have a similar gameplay, but the mechanics and setting tends to differ which is always a nice thing!

Clash of Clans

Build your own army and take them to battle to be victorius!

10. Sport

Very addictive in mobile because not only are these very fun to go through, they also tend to offer some really neat gameplay mechanics. Combine that with the fact that you can simulate your favorite sports in the palm of your hand, then you will definitely enjoy what this genre has to offer!

Football Manager Mobile 2016

Manage your own football club with everything from match day tactics to ticket pricing.

As you can see, there are many mobile gaming app types out there that can cause addiction, and these 10 are definitely the most popular ones right now. We recommend you to give them a shot right now if you want a great game type to spend a little time into, you will not be disappointed with their mechanics and amazing atmosphere, not to mention that you will end up playing hours and hours upon end.