Are you tired of using iOS and are looking forward to switching to an Android phone? Make sure you don’t miss any data while switching ships! Most people who switch from iOS to Android, find it very hard to keep all their pervious data. Transition between these two highly competitive platforms is not as simple as it seems.

However, there are many ways through which you can easily transfer your data from an iOS to an Android system. Let us talk about 4 of the most common ways, which will ease the transition from iOS to Android.


Android devices use your Google accounts to transfer contacts and calendars. Hence, if you want to transfer your contacts and calendars, make sure that your Google account is synced with your iOS device. For this, go to the Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add accounts and add your Gmail account. You can also do this manually through the iTunes app. Just plug in your iOS device, open iTunes and click on Sync Contacts and choose Google Contacts. This will transfer your contacts and calendars to your Android Google Cloud, automatically.

Media Files

Most people need their photos, music and videos when they switch OS platforms. What you can do is get the Google Photos app on your iOS and log in to your Google Account. Find the ‘Backup and Sync’ in the settings option and enable the backup option. Your photos will be saved online and you can access them on your Android device. The equivalent to iTunes, which Android has come up with, is the Google Music Manager. This app can help you transfer your music from an iOS to an Android device. Just install this app on your PC or MAC and in the ‘Upload’ tab, point your Music Manger towards iTunes to transfer all your music to your Android device.

google mail

Emails and Messages

For Emails, you just need a Gmail app and an account to access all your previous emails on the Android app. If you do not have a Gmail account, you have to download another email app which supports your old email address and log in there. For your old text messages, you will have to use a service like Isms2droid. This service will only transfer your text messages from your iOS and not your iMessages.

Use Bookmarks

When you are using Safari on iOS, make sure that you use the ‘Bookmark’ option to save all your favorite websites and platforms. Set your Safari to sync to iCloud in the iOS settings, and open iCloud in computer and click on the bookmarks option and click on sync. You need to have Google Chrome on your PC if you are using that in your Android device. If you are using Firefox in your Android device, download Firefox on your PC.

I’ve only just touched on ways in which you can smooth the transition from iOS to Android. For more great guideance, check out the Andoid website here: With the above mentioned ways, switching from an iOS to an Android device is made relatively easy and efficient. You can easily move all your files to your Android and enjoy the same experience with a different interface!